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    Lightbulb Intro

    History of Rover MG ...Group...

    by Marcell R.

    Informatii despre nume....

    Primul "produs" sub denumirea de ROVER a fost un triciclu produs de Starley & Sutton Co. din Coventry, Anglia, in 1883.
    De unde vine denumirea de ROVER

    Rover etimology - conform dictionarului englez

    Rover is a boy's name of Middle English origin meaning "traveler, wanderer".--- deci cineva care "rovereste" ... si asta de pe la 1500.... incoace...

    rov·er1 [roh-ver] Show IPA
    1.a person who roves; wanderer.
    a.a mark selected at random, as in a competition betweentwo archers wandering over a specified area. of a group of fixed marks at a long distance. archer who shoots at such a mark.
    3.Croquet. a ball that has been driven through all the arches andneeds only to strike the last peg to be out of the game.
    4.British .
    a.(at concerts or the like) a person who has a ticket forstanding room only.
    b.a senior boy scout, 18 years of age or older.

    Varianta cel mai des uzitatata si posibil cea mai aproape de adevar

    "The words for "bicycle" in Polish (Rower) and Belarusian (Rovar, Ро́вар) are derived from the name of the company. The word ровер is also used in many parts of Western Ukraine. ---(cuvantul bicicleta in poloneza este (Rower) si in belarusia (Rovar, Ро́вар) folosit si in vestul ucrainei)

    "John Kemp Starley (1854–1901) was an English inventor and industrialist who is widely considered the inventor of the modern bicycle, and also originator of the name Rover."

    Starley & Sutton Co. din Coventry, England, compania a fost fondata de John Kemp Starley si William Sutton in 1878.

    Daca fondatorii Starley & Sutton Co. din Coventry erau 2 englezi (fara legaturi cu polonia, belarus) si de la 1500 cuvantul rover era folosit in anglia ....a fost usoara analogia cu cuvantul polonez rower ...

    MG - MG Car Company

    Cecil Kimber (1888-1945) un inginer de exceptie, in 1921 primeste un post de Sales manager cu firma sa Morris Garages din Oxford, initial ca o retea de vanzare si service-uri pentru masinile morris.
    Acesta modifica masinile pe care le vinde Morris in masini sport, acestea aparand cu sigla octogonala din 1925 ( se pare ca sigla a aparut inca din 1923) ....

    facem o trecere scurta in revista a evolutiei marcilor rover mg landrover...AICI
    si evolutia siglelor folosite

    incercam sa face acest istoric doar cu date si poze cat mai usor si placut de vizionat
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